Nichol and Matt go to Chile!


The Moon and Venus over Cerro san Christobal.

Looking southwest toward Santiago Centro from our balcony.

Looking northeast towards the Andes from our building's rooftop.

Catedral Metropolitana flanked by a modern office building in Plaza del Armas, where our tour began.

Pedro de Valdivia, founder of Santiago.

Lautaro, military leader of the Mapocho people and former prisoner of Pedro de Valdivia. The broken face represents the Mapocho people, fractured by Spanish colonialism.

The presidential palace. The entire left half is rebuilt after being bombed by two planes during Pinochet's military coup on Sept. 11, 1973.

Blacky, one of our three resident city pooches getting a treat from a Santaguina.

A small bakery underground in the metro; we get a chuckle every time we pass by.

Examples of Santiago's rampant construction projects, fronted by the 'mighty' Rio Mapocho.

One of many walking paths in Providencia.

Another building under construction, when completed it will be the tallest building in the region. They're still adding floors to the top!

A sculpture in Parque de Esculturas.

A few more sculptures...

...and one more. This one is supposed to be tree.

Dos perros having a siesta near the bridge.

The Providencia skyline looking east towards Las Condes.

Fall descends upon Providencia.

A rose by any other name...

...still blooms on 'November 1st'?!

One of the many bridges crossing the Rio Mapocho, this one leads to the heart of Providencia.

Parque de Esculturas lies on the other side of the street. These three statues lie on the peripheral of the park.

We wish our building allowed mascotas; it was a good lookin' dog.

Perro numero uno's pal lounging by a sculpture.

'Verde y Viento' appears to bow down to the new skyscraper. The sculpture was there first.

hombre en se ruta
cual laberinto cerrado
arroja sus dardos
con arrogante desprecio
y yerra cegado

A maple leaf in a Chilean palm tree, we feel like there's a metaphor in there somewhere.

A monk parakeet perching in front of it's nest. It, and it's compadres made quite the racket while we observed.

Twig by twig the parakeet builds on. Apparently, these are the only parrots that build stick-nests. They live in colonies, with 'homes' that can reach the size of small cars!

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