Nichol and Matt go to Chile!

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Terremoto Redux

So much for ‘fun, exciting’ stage; tonight plate tectonics definitely took a spin into ‘this isn’t fun anymore’ territory.

At about 18:30 local time, we experienced the dregs of a pretty significant earthquake (7.2 magnitude) that struck near the coast a little more than 200km from Santiago. Nichol was quietly reading in the bedroom when things started going sideways. Matt, visiting the loo, was in a slightly more precarious position. Anyway, it didn’t take long before we realized that this was indeed another earthquake, although with a much different feel than yesterday morning’s.

This time the movement was completely side-to-side, which made for a nerve-wracking experience as our bodies were telling us that we were the ones moving, yet clearly it was everything else (i.e., the hanging lamp in the kitchen, the floor, the pictures, etc.) that swayed to some rhythm that was only unbeknownst to us. The effect was not violent, but we felt it was significant enough to warrant taking shelter beneath our table. So there we waited it out for the 60 or so seconds before things settled down. Since then there seems to be a steady occurrence of sirens around the city, but there are no signs of significant damage. Let’s hope that the communities closer to the epicentre are similarly unscathed.

Tomorrow’s task: an earthquake kit.

Hasta (hopefully) luego!