Nichol and Matt go to Chile!

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IDs and Empanadas

Happy Equinox!

For those of you up in the Northern Hemisphere: congratulations, you’re over the winter hump. Summer is just around the corner. We have officially entered Fall down here, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it with the persistent 30+ degree weather. To be fair, we’ve definitely noticed the days getting incrementally shorter, and the evenings are cooling off very quickly after the sun goes down. Still, there’s something unholy about seeing leaves dropping in March, but we’re sure that the cooler, wetter June weather will be even stranger. Wait, perhaps not, considering where we’re from (we like to call it ‘Junuary’).

Today, at long last, we finally got our Chilean ID cards! Huzzah! Last Friday, as per the instructions on our provisional paper copies, we’d gone to pick the up the cards. The gentleman behind the glass tried to tell us that they were still being made, quickly realizing that his Spanish was falling on no estamos comprendiendo ears. Smartly, and to his credit, he started pointing at our Canadian passports and asked if we spoke French. Nichol took the reins from there (she’s retained a little more French since high-school…) and got the message through. Apparently he has family in Montreal, so when we came back to pick our cards up this morning, we smiled and said ‘Anytime!’ when he told us that he wants to come to Canada with us. It was nice to share a laugh (instead of being laughed at) in three languages.

Following that success up, we headed to the university to finish getting a bank account, but, as all things in Chile are turning out, this takes more time than it has a right to. All our paperwork is in order, and it doesn’t look like it will be a problem, but we still need to wait for them to call tomorrow so we can come back to finalize the account. Patience is a true virtue when it comes to getting anything official done down here. Oh well, afterwards we had a nice walk around some of the unexplored parts of campus, followed by a lovely lunch on some shady grass before Matt got back to his studies. Empanadas from a tiny little stand were on order, since Matt’s supervisor has been raving about them since day one. He has a right to rave, as they were amazing enough to warrant a planned weekly empanada lunch date. There are five varieties to choose from; today’s introduction was pollo y espinaca, muy rico!

Chilean-home-made chicken and spinach empanada. Add an ice-cold pop and a shaded grassy knoll? Perfecto!